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Healthcare Management

Sorrento Healthcare

We’re Different

Quality Healthcare

At Sorrento Health we are dedicated to providing only the highest and best quality medical and rehabilitative care.

Talented & Dedicated Team

Our devoted team of doctors, nurses, therapists make all Sorrento Healthcare facilities stand out as one-of-a-kind.

Innovative & Forward Thinking

At Sorrento Health, we’re constantly learning and upgrading so we can provide the highest caliber medical care.


Improving quality & excellence

Our mission is to improve the quality of care provided by our healthcare facilities.
We strive to exceed all expectations.

Who we Are

Sorrento Health, is at the forefront of short-term post hospital rehabilitation and long-term specialty care. Our carefully chosen skilled regional managers are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most effective care for our patients. We’re constantly raising our standards in quality, care and innovation so we can provide the absolute best for our residents.

our Leaders

our team leaders are dedicated to our mission of quality and excellence

Chief Operating Officer
Regional Manager
MDS Coordinator
Director of Clinical
Director of Staffing

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